So, you think you're ready to sell but you don't know where to start?


Step one is an initial property review. Give me a call and we'll schedule a time for me to out and take a look at the entire property. We'll just do a quick review and talk about things that need to be done with the property and ways that you can improve it to get it ready for showings. Some of these suggestions may include basic repairs, decluttering, and maybe even refreshing your landscaping to increase curb appeal.


Stop two involves reviewing local market comps to come up with the fair market value of your home. At the same time, we’ll do some required paperwork  including a listing agreement and a property disclosure. The disclosure provides the…

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Today let’s take a few minutes to talk about ways to prepare to sell your home. You may think that “Yeah I know how to sell a house. I’ve done it before I get it!” In addition to just making a general punch list of things to do like painting touch-ups, repairs, cutting the grass, there are other things you can do to help you better prepare your home before it hits the market.


One of the main things that I see that sellers aren't thinking about is do I need to leave the house for showings?  A typical showing lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. Showings tend to be more successful if the sellers are not present. Also, if you have small children you may want to schedule showings around nap times. If you have pets, you’ll probably need to make arrangements to…

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One of the most challenging parts of buying a home can be choosing your agent. There has always been confusion about who can show which property. As a licensed real estate agent, I want you to assure you that I can show ANY other Realtor’s listing, and all Realtors can show my listings.


You don't have to call around to six different agents to see six different properties. You can decide who you want to work with and make one phone call and then that one person can show you all the properties that you're interested in.


So, can you call the name on the sign? Absolutely! The person that's on the sign is the Listing Agent. This means that they have been hired by the seller to represent them in the marketing and sell of their property. They can…

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