Real Estate Inspections Explained 


So, unless you’re a contractor or a handyman (or handywoman!), you may be wondering how you’ll determine if the home you’re buying is in good condition. 


As Realtors, we include an inspection period in your contract. Typically, this is a seven to ten day period where you're allowed to hire a contractor or an inspector to inspect the property. You can actually inspect it yourself if you’re comfortable with that, or you can hire a state licensed inspector to come in and do a thorough inspection. That's really the most common method, though some do choose to hire a general contractor. If you know something specific that you're interested in knowing more about, for example the the roof or the hvac system, you…

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Six steps to buying a home


So, what are the steps to purchase a home? Today I’m going to guide you through the six basic steps. 


Step number one -Get Qualified. The first thing you need to determine in your home buying process is your budget . The best way to do this is by consulting an expert. Those online calculators don’t know everything. There is more to consider in a monthly payment than just the price of the home! Also, an online calculator can’t tell you all the ins and outs of a FHA loan vs. a conventional, or USDA loan. Some mortgage companies even have special programs for medical professionals that you may qualify for. A mortgage broker can sit down with you an analyze YOUR situation and determine what is best for YOU. And you…

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So, are you ready to buy a house? Let’s talk today about what you need to know and do to be prepared to buy when you find your dream home. There’s more to buying than falling in love with a home, and I’m here to guide you through every step of the process. 


Step one is to get pre qualified. You’ll want a reputable lender, preferably a local one. Listing agents like to see a pre qualification from a lender that they are familiar with. This letter says that you have done all your pre-home buying home work, and that your loan is looking good. You know your price range and your required downpayment. You are a Qualified Buyer.  


Just a quick side note here- with interest rates changing make sure that you know what your budget is according to…

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