Gutters are the #1 maintenance item to pay attention to during the winter months. We have the most leaves and debris in them as well as the most water in them during this time of year. Most people don't think about how much damage can be caused by a gutter holding excess water. A clogged gutter can lead to:

  • Filling with water. The overflow can back up under the base of the shingle and cause wood rot - damaging your roof and the interior wall underneath it.
  • Filling water can cause excess weight which can cause the gutter to break away from the house - damaging many things in this process.
  • Gutters can freeze up. During the thawing process this can cause ice dams to form. This can force water underneath the shingle causing water damage to the roof decking and the walls inside the home.
  • These possible leaks can certainly cause cosmetic water damage in your home, but also can lead to long term mold growth in the walls if unnoticed.

The simple cure for these concerns is cleaning your gutters out. Remove all leaves, limbs, and debris to ensure proper water flow. This will allow the water coming off the roof to flow away from your roof and walls. Be careful not to fall while using ladders to do this work, or hire a handyman to handle this repair for you. Be Safe!

Full Gutters

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